Popularis Construction: Young Brady Woodworking
How It All Started

The Founder

Popularis Construction: Young Brady Woodworking
From the time I was a child I can remember having two different passions: Entrepreneurship and creating with my hands.

My father, a carpenter and tile artisan, always supported my passions and promoted a strong work ethic.


The first few dollars I made were working for him. He paid me 25¢ to rinse his paint brushes and 50¢ to clean his rollers. I enjoyed the effort behind earning each quarter.

The desire to hustle was planted in me and only continued to grow from there.

My first legitimate business, launched at age seven, was a can crushing gig, complete with printed business cards and all.


A few years later I became craftier, “writing” my own cookbook which, if I am honest, was just plagiarized straight from cooking shows I saw on television.

Popularis Construction: Young Brady Woodworking

The passion of entrepreneurship followed me out of adolescence and into my senior year of high school, where I then bought bulk packs of Kool-Aid and resold them out of my locker to other students. This little capitalist venture was so profitable that when the school banned me from selling the juice, they began offering it themselves at the school store.

Among those years of exploring my options in business, I also developed an interest in woodworking alongside my father.

To this day my mother’s dresser still adorns the award-winning jewelry box I crafted for her in competition.


Although building and creating with my hands was always a passion, carpentry was something I fell into. In my early 20s, after three weeks of college, I decided that furthering my education wasn’t the path for me. I have always loved to learn, but nothing about college held my attention.

Popularis Construction: Young Brady Woodworking
Popularis Construction: Young Brady Woodworking

Instead, I gave up my career cooking pizza to begin my first real job as a laborer with Gentry Remodeling out of Milford, Massachusetts.


Passion did not find me when I first began working for the owner of Gentry Remodeling, John. In fact, the beginning consisted of a lot of tough jobs that, if I had allowed them, could have really discouraged me. Instead, I decided to stick with it and will be endlessly grateful that I did.


John eventually became more than a boss, he became a mentor and a friend. After a few years with Gentry I found passion and pride in creating with my hands, again. John Confided in me that he was looking to change his own path and motivated me to instead split off to begin my own business.

How It All Started

The Company

Popularis Construction Owner: Brady Bankston

Establishing my own company wasn’t a difficult idea to accept, but instead, something that came natural to me. Owning my own company is what I felt I was called to do. Luckily, my childhood ventures gave me some starting experience.

I didn't want to just create a company, I wanted my business to have meaning and to reflect who I am as a person, my values, and my standards.

As the idea of this new venture began floating around in my mind, I knew that the name had to be meaningful as well.


After hours of pouring over the origins of words that would best reflect the intentions of my company, I found the word “Popularis” stemming from a Latin word meaning “for the people…”. That was it, Popularis Construction Inc. was born.

Popularis Construction Owner: Brady Bankston

Since day 1 I have treated Popularis Construction like the company I dreamt it would one day be. When I was just a Facebook page and a few printed t-shirts, my wife laughed as I answered every call, email, or contact with “we” or stated “our office location” when the truth was that it was just “I” and our living room.

Since those days, hard work, dedication, and craftsmanship have built Popularis from a one man show into a corporation.
Who We Are

The Team

Popularis Construction Team: Brady Bankston



Hey there, I am Brady Bankston, owner and founder of Popularis Construction Inc. I have been an entrepreneur since my first can-crushing business at the ripe age of 7 years old.

Thanks to my father, I have always had a strong work ethic and the passion to work extremely hard at what I truly believe in.

I fell into the construction industry about 9 years ago but have had a passion for woodworking my entire life.

Creating and growing this company has been a natural progression for me and something I have truly placed my heart and soul into.

Popularis Construction Inc. is a reflection of my true beliefs and we run our company on the ideals of passion, craftsmanship, and service. It is my goal to continue to improve the general contracting industry and to give back to our surrounding community while doing so.



“I’ve been blessed to watch Popularis Construction Inc. transform from an idea my husband spewed out on our very first date to a successfully growing company.

Since day one, I began helping in any way I could from designing logos to making phone calls in my spare time.

What started out as favors to my hardworking husband, has blossomed into passion and a career.

Popularis Construction Team: Mirella Bankston
Popularis Construction Team: Cal Bankston



Cal has been in the construction industry for the majority of his life and specializes in high-end tile installation.

When he isn’t working with Popularis Construction Inc. he is enjoying making people laugh, being a husband, father, and grandfather, mastering his recreational woodworking, and smoking meat in the backyard.



“Since moving to the USA, I have been looking for an opportunity to get back into the construction industry. After meeting Brady and talking for some time, I got to know him as a person and found that I like his ideas and his ideals when it came to business. As luck would have it, an employment opportunity became available and I said yes. I have worked in the construction industry for 25 years and have found it very rewarding and I am happy to be back.”

Fun Fact
I moved to the USA in 2010 from England and have since married and have a child now too.

Popularis Construction Team: Tony Simmonds
Popularis Construction Team: John Jango



John has been with the company since it’s start in 2015. John began as summer help while completing his dual major in Spanish and criminal justice at Westfield State University.

Following graduation, John worked abroad in Spain as an ESL educator for a year. Upon returning home, he called us up to share the good news that he would be joining our team full-time as a carpenter’s apprentice and we couldn’t have been more thrilled

Fun Fact
John is an avid New England sports fan, bilingual in Spanish and English, and prefers hot coco over coffee


“I have been in the construction industry since I was 13 years old. Woodworking has always been a passion of mine from a very young age. My father made a decent living making custom furniture and started teaching me as far back as I can remember. I take my work very seriously and take great pride in seeing a beautifully finished product. Now that I have a son of my own, I feel that my love for what I do is growing more and more. I hope to teach my son great work ethic and pass my skills on to him as my father did to me.”

Fun Fact
I enjoy playing my guitars,working on my truck and spending quality time with my little man as much as possible. I love being a dad!

Popularis Construction Team: Michael Comire
Who We Are

The Team


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